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Oh..aa oouch...

Oh it is 6 pm already? Bit overwhelmed that the day was already ending and still so much to do for the day was left. But at the same time l have to leave or else next part of the day will not go as needed. Just as I pack my bag, I hear oh.. aa.. oouch from my colleague in next cubicle. Just reflexively I turn and ask what happened? Oh my just aches so badly.

What I find?

She is holding her back, just like above pic, trying to get up so gingerly. Her feet are dangling, not rested on floor, and turns out that she has been sitting in the same position for last 3 hours without any movement as she was focused on report that she had to finish. Well... this ouch.. may or may not happen just because of this one episode, but it has been building up... awkward postures are super silent risk factors that lead to chronic back, neck and all other kinds of musculoskeletal disorders. MSD as known in medical community


# 1. You can check and scan your own working posture and see if it needs some improvement.

#2: Take smaller breaks for movement variations in your day

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Check out self desk assessment quiz (SDAQ). Answer 5 simple questions

  2. This will just help you to understand if you have risk towards development of MSD(i.e. back, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, leg pain).

  3. If you identify risk that is first step in right direction. Know there is risk, see if you correct, if not get some help. Important point is to know your risk.

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