Muscolo-Skeletal Risk at Work Place

MSD Risk

Research indicates that chronic disease and declining physical fitness are the added  risk factors  along with work demands and job tasks also contribute for injuries and MSDs. . Let’s not forget stress in general, one of the biggest risk factors of all, which surrounds all of us both at home and at work!

A comprehensive, “Whole Person” strategy is necessary for effective MSD Injury Prevention because a variety of risk factors are involved. Some risk factors are the responsibility of the workplace, while others are the responsibility of the worker.


Following are some risk factors at play in today’s workforce:

Perceptions  –  Habits  –  Mindsets  –  Force  –  Overexertion  –  Repetition

Inefficient (At-Risk) Postures  –  Contact Stress

Work Loads  –  Worker Capacity  –  Preexisting Conditions

Standing & Sitting for Long Periods of Time

Spinal Anomalies  –  Sedentary Lifestyles

Lack of Sleep  –  Lack of Exercise  –  Poor Nutrition  –  Hydration

Core Conditioning  –  Age  –  Obesity  –  Diabetes

Caffeine & Energy Drink Consumption

Knowledge Gaps  –  Lifting  –  Pulling  –  Pushing  –  Carrying Objects

Previous Injuries (Reported or Unreported)

Poorly Designed Equipment  –  Work Stations  –  Vehicles

Temperature  –  Vibration  /  Poor Matching of Employee to Task

Lack of Job Rotation  –  Lack of Recovery Time  –  Poor Supervision

Poor Communications  –  Low Culture Climate  –  Low Workforce Morale


​These risk factors add substantial gravity for the necessity of providing effective MSD Injury and Illness Education and Training.

In the case of MSD risk, it is not a question of which one of these risk factors affects your workforce, but “How many of these risk factors exist?" in your company and employees today, or will exist tomorrow if proactive, prevention-based solutions are not put into place?”

Body Dynamics is ready to reduce risk factors in your organization. Our experts know how to recognise risk, so that the right strategies and countermeasures are put into place. Our highly specialised training also teaches risk recognition to Employees and Supervisors.