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Do you want to get your or your organization's "Health In Your Hands?" Benefit from our robust experience of helping thousands of people since our inception (2019)! Our expertise in the fields of employee health, ergonomics, physical medicine, neuroscience and organisational health gives us unique perspective. Armed with this perspective and our passion to infuse and inspire health and wellbeing, our  ergonomic/wellbeing programs are cornerstone of every individual's health  and organization's bottom line. Our  well rounded  and one stop solutions  help reduce the individual, organisational, and societal costs of musculoskeletal disorders and improve health and productivity.
Reach out to us to  help you or your employees to work in comfort from wherever they are working.
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Client Testimonials

"Bharati has been excellent in diagnosing my issue and explained the solution to me in a way I could understand. I have been following her suggestions and there has been great improvement in my issues that have persisted for years."

"After Body Dynamics's  Staff's suggestion to  correct my work set up. the customised exercise program  and  their follow up until my problems reduced, , my neck pain followed by headache reduced considerably."

"I had a lot of neck and upper back pain that almost continuously lasted for 2 months. I must say that, its almost gone  now."

"I have changed the working posture, modified my work set up  based on Bodyynamics's staff ergonomic evaluation and suggestion."

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Why Body Dynamics?

  • Global experience in managing office and industrial ergonomics.

  • Pioneers and leaders in ergonomics consulting in India and Asia region.

  • Highly qualified staff with world-class technical and interpersonal skills.

  • Proven track record of providing holistic, practical, cost conscious, creative solutions to complex problems

  • Commitment to execute long term sustainable online and onsite programs 

  • Highly advanced clinical expertise in managing  musculoskeletal disorders

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Body Dynamics offers continuing support for not just your ergonomic needs but also for your overall well-being.


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