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Did you know that musculoskeletal disorders account for 28% of all work related injuries?


What many oranizations do not realize is that more than one-third of all employee’ work related aches, pain and injuries  stem from preventable, musculoskeletal injuries. Addressing these injuries through a robust corpoarte ergonomic program  has proven to significantly reduce the number of  employee discomforts  associated costs with  direct and indirect expenses related to employee health.

OSHA  USA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is proposing an ergonomics program standard to address the significant risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) confronting employees in various jobs in general industry workplaces.

In UK.HSE statistics show that each year, over a million workers are injured or made ill by their work in Great Britain. This can have serious effects on these individuals and their families, as well as employers, government and wider society. The impacts can be measured in terms of 'human' costs (the impact on the individual's quality of life and, for fatal injuries, loss of life), and 'financial' costs, such as loss of production and healthcare costs. HSE's estimate of the total costs of workplace injuries and ill health includes both financial costs and a valuation of human costs.

Reducing employee disocomfort by addressing most preventable  musculoskeletal injuries can be a win win situation for employers and employees.

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