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Body Dynamics's team has 25+ years experience in managing repetitive strain injuries (RSI)/RMI (Repetitive motion injury)/CTD(Cumulative Trauma disorder) or work related musculoskeletal injuries that is back pain, neck, hand, wrist, finger, leg pain, eye strain, headaches related to computer usage.

Our aim is to help individual understand their condition, root causes and help to reduce or eliminate the same. It is known fact, that most people get to know what their condition only after well established pain pattern emerges and sometimes these conditions leads to point of no return, that is person looses functional abilities, although they may look just fine.

Most of the time traditional therapies do help to alleviate pain to some extent, but pain patten keeps recurring.  Along  with right approach of pain management, one needs to look at root causes and modify them.

This is where Occupational Therapy and ergonomics can make a life-changing difference in individual's life leading to understanding and more sustainable health and productive living.

Expert Guidance:

Feel Recurrent back.neck, hand pain ?

Mild pain gradually worsening!

Pain interfering with work tasks?

In addition to  pain management strategies we also focus on prevention of recurrence, with  with root cause analysis.

Appointment for online consult

Review of medical condition

Daily activity analysis

Postural analysis

Advise for pain management

Recommendation in prevention of  injury

Well -being for daily life

 Clear Strategies 

  • One on one consult our Occupational Therapy and Wellbeing Experts to get you thriving in your everyday work tasks and personal goals.

  • Advanced concepts of  positive psychology along with the science of behaviour change to be be applied in daily lives.

  • Boost your productivity, focus, and concentration, or conquer anxiety and stress.

Online/remote Ergonomics Consultation

  • A one-on-one assessment with a certified ergonomist to fully optimise your remote office/home office

  • Modern-day technology makes much of our work easier, yet it creates a whole new set of ergonomic risks.

  • With more and more of us are working from home, it’s essential to work in comfort, protect your health and boost your productivity

Work from home: Quick Ergo. consult

Working from home body dynamics_edited.jpg

Working from home? Not able to get as good a comfort? Just want a quick overview of work set up?

  • Quick overview of current work set up at home office

  • Review low cost home based solutions to optimize comfort 

  • Advise for discomfort reduction strategies