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Empowering  organizations and individuals toward the goal of “Work without pain!”

looking to alleviate the health concerns of your employees and guide them toward optimal health, happiness, and comfort? At Body Dynamics, we are ergonomic and pain experts. From back and neck pain to headaches and eye strain, we help our clients solve a variety of issues interfering with productivity, performance, and overall well-being

About Body Dynamics

Health in Your Hand

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Are you constantly combating aches and pains throughout your workday or after work? Are you Body Dynamics was established in April 2019 by Bharati Jajoo (OTR, CEAS, AOEAS). With 25+ years of industry experience in ergonomics, rehabilitation, and program management, Bharati set out to provide workplace wellness and office and industrial ergonomic services to organisations across India.

At the end of the day, Body Dynamics assists organisations with the development and execution of ergonomic and well-being programs, with a continued focus on efficacy and efficiency, as well as long-term health. When your team is feeling their best, they’ll produce their best, making it a win-win for all parties involved.

At Body Dynamics, we combine evidence-based practices with a keen understanding of human factors, social, cognitive, anthropometric dimensions, and neuroscience principles to drive behavioural changes for positive workplace health. From improving already existing aches and pains to preventative strategies and approaches, our ergonomic consultation service covers a broad range of corporate and individual needs.

Overall, every organization’s assets are its talent pool or “the employees.” A systematic approach involving workplace ergonomics, proactive awareness, and education can go a low way in keeping your employees happy, healthy, and productive. And this is exactly where Body Dynamics comes in!

Health In your had

Our  Clients

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Juniper Networks

TE technology

Morgan Stanley

Netskope india Pvt Ltd.

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited

Work With Us

Are you tired of complaints from your employees regarding ongoing aches and pains? Are you ready to work in comfort and within an efficient and effective office set-up? Body Dynamics is ready to help you or your organisation achieve balance in work and in life. Call us or email us to get started with our expert team today, so you can say goodbye to aches and pains as soon as possible. Create a work joyous work environment where your employees look forward to the week ahead!

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