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The Clinician Approach:
Caring for Your Clients, Patients, or Facility

As a workplace manager, your team and clients are more than likely your top priority. Undeniably, ensuring the safety and health of each individual is key to your clinic's, office’s, or facility’s success and functioning.. If you’re looking for help in improving these factors, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.


Be the first contact Ergo lead in your facility or in your clinic!

Free Download: To know ergonomics is to become well-being champion

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Types of training

A 1-day training course for healthcare professionals on office ergonomic theory and practice

A course for EHS, Facility managers, real estate professionals

A 2-day course on basic office ergonomics certification

Improve the Health of Your Team & Clients—Starting Today!

The Body Dynamics team is passionate about helping healthcare professionals, EHS/real estate professionals, and facility managers become the first contact for team ergonomic concerns and help their patients prevent re-injury.

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Caring For Your Clients/Patients


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