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Lifestyle Behaviors And Pain

The WHO statement on healthy people, 2020, states “The non-communicable diseases have a strong link with unhealthy lifestyle behaviour, and adaptation of few healthy lifestyle behaviours can impact the expression of certain diseases in an individual and an individual can reverse a diseased health condition by making correct health choices.” The behavioural factors still provide the highest contribution over metabolic and environmental/occupational risk factors.

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The above sentence holds the key to living healthy, productive and impactful life.

Behavioural factors such as consumption of comfort food, dysfunctional eating behaviours, sleep deprivation, the reduced habit of physical exercise, and stress as important findings to increase the risk of metabolic disorders such as (such as Type 2 diabetes, stroke etc). It possibly can also be a contributing factor towards occupational health issues such as repetitive stress injuries, low back pain etc.

A study conducted by BodyDynamics and associates on Lifestyle Behaviors and their Influence on Work‐Related Musculoskeletal Discomfort: A Web‐Based Survey during Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic. This study was presented at the All India Occupational Therapist conference 2020. This study was awarded as the best scientific paper in the ergonomics, environment and access category

The study was published in peer review journal of AIOTA (All India Occupational Therapist Association) in July-Sep. 2021 issue.

The complete article can be found on the below link.

Download PDF • 2.00MB

In conclusion of our scientific study, We found a greater percentage of respondents in the “unhealthy” category with reduced participation in healthy lifestyle behaviours. Participants who engaged in any form of physical activity reported fewer complaints of musculoskeletal pain/discomfort, while smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and stress among respondents were associated with a greater likelihood of pain/discomfort reports while working from home.

Creating awareness and opportunities for adopting positive lifestyle changes in addition to ergonomics by the organizations will hold the key for the long term and productive health of their working population!

Bharati Jajoo


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