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People popping more pills!Ortho consults rose by 680%

A reputed newspaper carried a story of current health scenario affecting young and old alike!

Feeling pain and getting distracted either while studying or working will surely make people reach to get remedies. And what better remedy other than thinking of a quick fix by popping pills.

But what most people do not understand are the issues leading to these persistent aches and pains are building up over a period of some time. This data I am assuming is from April 2020 onwards till date. We are 6 months into the current WFH and Home school situation and Musculoskeletal system is getting affected to the level that it needs a quick remedy, most people don't tend to reach to orthopaedic doctors until the pain becomes unbearable. And by definition cumulative trauma issues are gradual to develop with repeated micro stresses on the body, resulting in wear and tear beyond the body's capacity to repair. By popping pills it can only give a temporary remedy and often repeated use of anti inflammatory in these conditions do not lead to long lasting health benefits.

Therefore, it is important to understand root causes of these seemingly non serious health issues becoming serious to the point of functional loss (e.g. inability to sit more than 20 minutes at a time) , sometimes permanent damage to certain structures of the musculoskeletal systems.(e.g.nerve compression). Understanding how the human body interacts with their environment and what causes stresses on strains on the body and what are the measures one need to take for long term health is the science of Ergonomics. (Science that can assess risk and predict what health issues can happen and prevent them) It can help a person, it can help an organization, it can help schools, it can help every working being.

So, think of science of Ergonomics, if you are setting up your home office, your child's learning places at home, if you organization is giving a stipend to set up home office, if you are representing an organization how you can set up tone of health and safety while your employees are procuring home office furniture, equipements.

Remember a wise decision to procure right fitting products, proper health awareness today will yield significant results tomorrow.

If you are in a position to influence people to stop taking those pain pills few month or year down the road, your right actions today will yield a happier, healthier workforce of tomorrow!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Bharati Jajoo


"Health in your hands!"

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