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Eyes gone for a toss..

My friend called frantically saying her son got diagnosed with Asthenopia.

If I can help her son educating and helping him to manage it, his exams are coming up.

Asthenopia (eye strain) is a feeling that your eyes are tired, sore, or achy. You can feel this way after reading or looking at a computer or phone screen for a long time. This sensation develops due to prolonged use of the muscles that control your eye movements and your pupils (the dark circles of your eyes).

In current time everything from work, family meetings, entertainment, social life. Screen usage has lead to forever fatigue feeling in your eyes.

Here is symptoms list:

Here are possible causes in your environment

How Ergonomics evaluation determines

  • If there is too much light,

  • Not the right type of light,

  • Not the correct positioning of light, or

  • If there is too little light in your workspace

  • Location of your screen compared to location of your light source

  • Height/distance/tilt of your screen.

And so based on above, Following are intervention strategies:

1. Engineering 2. Behavioural 3. Personal Protective Equipment 

By far the most effective type of solution is the Engineering type because the ergonomic risk is essentially "engineered out" of the workspace with either adjusting what your already have to better suit or providing new equipment that eliminates the ergonomic risk. 

This is so effective because you're not relying on work habits or schedules to fix any ergonomic challenges, it's that they don't even exist anymore. 

That is the essence of " ERGONOMICS"

But if it not feasible there are other options to reduce visual strain.

So, do check and take care of your EYES. Don't let Glare ruin your work day.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Bharati Jajoo


"Health in your hands!"

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