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Working From Home: Feel Lethargic?

Well.. As time is going by in current scenario, our clients are reporting increasing episodes of aches and pain and not getting better by resting. Our survey of "4 pillars of wellbeing" scientific survey ( as 53% of people reports they rest if discomfort is more than level 5 on the scale of 1 to 10( 1=none, 10= too much)

During our remote ergonomic assessments, one of the most consistent findings is that most people feel, they have no proper routine as pre-covid work days. Boundaries between work and homes have disappeared. More than 50% of our clients feel lethargic from the same, combined that with lack of usual social interaction, lack of right work set up. Lethargy leads to taking your laptop to bed and working from bed or sofa. This is not just for a few hours or days as time goes by, cumulative trauma creeps in and makes its presence known by discomfort that does not go away, feel constant need to massage the affected body part, one body part feels different than the other. All in all, you try to change position and move into a comfortable position. Well... for time being it feels better but soon it becomes a vicious cycle. So are you falling prey to repetitive strain or cumulative trauma (often experienced as back, neck, hand pain) while working from home?

There are so many simple strategies that one can apply:

1. Bit of a discipline: Having some sort of schedule

2. Bit of right Movements: Having some sort of physical activity on a consistent basis as we call it "exercise." In addition to that movements through out the day

3. Bit of work set up that promotes alertness and somewhat right position even if it is not perfect like office ( Home office can be made better with available household items)

4. Bit of body's awareness: Don't let your early symptoms settle into a full blown medical condition.

If you have symptom, think about Ergonomics!

If you don't have symptoms yet, think about Ergonomics!! (Prevention is better than cure!)

It can do magic for your health, safety and productivity.

If you interested in taking part in our 4 pillars of wellbeing survey.

Feel free to click here!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Bharati Jajoo


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