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Regain life during and post covid

The second wave of Covid (SARS-CoV-2) has been devastating for people who are directly affected, for people who are silently observing and to people who are in the thick of action to take care of covid affected people.

In some way or the other, it has touched everyone’s life!

There is a huge change that I see from May 2020 to May 2021. In 2020 my corporate clients were rushing to accommodate fresh work from home logistics. However, in 2021 I am getting so many enquiries about post covid care rehabilitation, getting back to normal life after being affected by covid, getting back to work, accommodation of employees returning back to work even if it is WFH, to how can organizations help their employees affected by covid not only with logistics, mental health support but how can each one take charge of their own recovery and their own health, to get fit and gain their normal life.

While recovery and returning to normal life is going to be based on so many individual factors, yet there are so many common broader factors that would be applicable to everyone. These common factors not only help regain control of physical, mental, emotional health but also act as a prerequisite for getting back to various life’s roles, responsibilities and to achieve a productive living.

As a student of science of wellbeing I have seen how the science of positive psychology can provide important hints about how to make wiser choices and how to live a life that’s happier and more fulfilling. Though I’m not an expert on positive psychology, I began by learning more about this topic and these scientific findings in a way that made it clear how this science could be applied in our daily lives.

The famous G. I. Joe Fallacy states merely knowing something is not enough to put into practice. Merely knowing something is not enough to actually change your behaviour.

Understanding, analysing and internalizing of various methods available to us and seeing what resonates with us and developing a discipline to follow it over a long time is what will yield desirable results.

Understanding the science of mind helps us to know annoying features of our mind and they are:

1. Our mind's strongest intuitions are often wrong (except for highly evolved beings).

2. Mis-wanting: Why is it that we think all these things are going to make us happy when they won't?

3. Our minds are built to get used to stuff .

4. We do not realize minds adapt over time and get used to stuff.

Human beings have long known that the mind is complex and so much work has gone to discover it through science, spirituality etc.. This is perhaps the first starting point to regain life post covid. It is well known, well documented and we are experiencing reality of emotions like fear, anxiety, loss of control, lack of helplessness, lack of sense of belonging etc.

How can we have a goal of achieving a “Settled Mind” every day? This is the first thing you can do for yourself and for the people around you.

Here are ways to settle your mind during challenging situations. A calm mind will help you with clarity of thoughts and actions, will help you to focus on important things, to prioritise and make the right choices for your health, happiness and productive living.

Bharati Jajoo


"Health in your hands!"

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