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Recliner to work in?

It is work from home, a new normal that we have all adopted now. I clearly see a difference from March lockdown to now in July we all are accepting-the fact that this is new normal to work and to live. As organisations and employees adopt this" New Normal", some organisations are now giving funds to get required work set up at home. It is a great initiative, much needed for prolong working hours. One has to remain healthy and productive at the same time. So Ergonomic guiding principles should form the core principle of this spend. Organizations may have various reasons to structure this based on innumerable factors. Few such folks with these queries came to me for advice, which recliner they should buy to work for long hours?

Well.. Folks.. recliners and other such luxury items are not going to give you required postural support, height, reaches, angles, alignment for your body to be supported and remain stresses and strain free for long working hours at home. The Human body needs to be supported at the right places, maintain the position of least muscular stress for the kind of movements required to perform your job tasks. Another common myth is that just a chair is going to get rid of all back, neck strain, that is an incomplete truth and not the whole truth. Although chairs and tables are core requirements, while you have a choice to spend and set up your home work office, it would be prudent to look at all 5 steps (Chair, desk, keyboard, mouse and monitor/screen) to ergonomic comfort at home. Spend your funds wisely with right ergonomic inputs.. reach out to a health care professional who specialises in ergonomics or musculoskeletal disorders, that can be a good starting point to get a safe, health promoting, productive home office.

Invest in something that will help you for better health, better productivity and greater work satisfaction without affecting your long term health!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Bharati Jajoo


"Health in your hands!"

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