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One size fits all?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Oh... Hi, "I wanted to come and talk to you", as I am getting in lift and going to my desk, I get stopped by a team lead. Tell me, "How I can be of help?"

"So bunch of team members have been complaining of aches and pain, some had to take few days off, I had mentioned that to our operations manager, they told me to come and meet you".

This is a common occurrence in work places today.When we look closely at work place health risk factors, common risk factors identified are awkward postures, repetitive movements, lack of enough physical movements in a day.

All of these put strain on human body and makes it susceptible to fatigue, discomfort and pain.

If you see above pic. this and many versions of this is a common work place scenario. Over some time working all this may not produce debilitating pain but soon it catches in no time and

it can result in above form, non-verbal pain to serious disability.

But... worry not...

We at body dynamics, understand all realms of work place health and we have online, onsite solutions to help you, your colleagues and employees to work in a comfortable, healthy atmosphere reducing chances of discomfort, pain, minor to major disability.

To start with, may be you may like to take this simple online self desk assessment and see if your work set up is optimal for yourself.You will get a e-mail with Ergonomic risk based on your answers..

Thank you.

Bharati Jajoo



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