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Are you comfortable while working?

What is comfort?

“A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constrain”!

“The absence of irritating stimuli that distracts one’s attention from the task in hand”!

“Sense of mental and physical well being”.

Comfort Vs. Discomfort

§Zhang’s (1996) definition has become the most accepted model as his study showed significant differences between comfort and discomfort: “comfort is associated with feelings of relaxation and well-being…and aesthetic design” (p.388); “discomfort is associated with biomechanical factors…that produce feelings of pain, soreness, numbness, stiffness, and so on” (p. 388).

Comfort is more of an emotional state, while discomfort is more of a physical state of being. These definitions are important in understanding comfort and discomfort.

Factors that influences comfort and discomfort

They also specify three main influencers for comfort/discomfort assessment: (a) the human, (b) the product, and (c) the environment. The de Looze model is the most comprehensive model that exists thus far in the literature, accounting for human influencers of comfort/discomfort, as well as product and environmental factors.

So is your comfort at work place affected? Is it affected by the above three factors i.e. (a) the human: (Yourself.. your awareness, your work habits, your mindset) (b) the product (chair, desk, keyboard, mouse and monitor) and (c) the environment (Temperature, lighting, noise).

If you are not feeling comfortable while working, explore these areas and see if you find any trigger for your discomfort.

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