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Work Station Posture

It is critical to sit with legitimate stance while at a workstation. A decent seat will consider the accompanying changes: seat level, seat back point and level, seat dish profundity and armrests. While sitting, the accompanying changes ought to be thought of:

  • Work Station Posture Guarantee administrator's feet are immovably on the floor while sitting back in seat

  • There ought to be a 90°-110° point in knees, hips and elbows

  • There ought to be a couple creeps of room between the edge of seat and the administrator's knees

  • Lumbar help ought to squeeze into the little of your back

  • Arms ought to be loose and lower arms ought to be lined up with floor

  • In the event that work surface is excessively high: raise the seat, bring down the workstation or add a stool


Start today, so you can thwart pain tomorrow!

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