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Sitting Chair Problem The first step in setting up an office chair is to establish the desired height of the individual’s desk or workstation. This decision is determined primarily by the type of work to be done and by the height of the person using the office chair. The height of the desk or workstation itself can vary greatly and will require different positioning of the office chair, or a different type of ergonomic chair altogether.

Sitting Chair Problem in an office seat for delayed timeframes can cause low back torment or demolish a current back issue. The principal purpose for this is that sitting, in an office seat or as a general rule, is a static stance that increments stress toward the back, shoulders, arms, and legs, and specifically, can add a lot of strain to the back muscles and spinal plates.


Ergonomics Design and Consultation

At Body Dynamics, we can help set guidelines and create designs for workstations, chairs, lighting, and even new office set-ups and layouts. We further offer product design evaluation, including assessment of chairs in the office or in transportation vehicles. In fact, we’ve also worked with manufacturers to get ergonomic compliance of a product design to promote safety and well-being for the end customer.


Start today, so you can thwart pain tomorrow!

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