Palo foldable laptop stand offers multiple  angular slots to keep laptop elevated on a tabletop to prevent forward head down neck position.


Made with light weight material and has inbuilt ventliation slots.

Textured surface with small edge to hold laptop in place.

Very light weight, easy to carry in your bag when you are on the move


Keeps laptop screen leveated for easy viewing without bending head down, this prevents risk for forward head which can cause eye strain, headache, neck pain etc.

Simple, light weight and sleek design m, makes it eeasy to carry and use.

For maxium benefit please use external keyboard and mouse.

Maximum possible height elevation available is 7" from tabletop.

Angular design helps with better space utlization on tabletop.

PALO018 PALO Ergonomic and Multi Angle AdjAustable Plain Foldable Laptop Stand