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Opus Indigo PowErgo Laptop stand and power manager and USB charger.

Opus Indigo ‘PowErgo’ is a unique device that solves the problems faced by a laptop user in the office and at home, with fixed table or sit/stand table. PowErgo elevates the laptop or a desktop monitor to the correct eye level, provides power connection for the laptop and USB charging points for all devices (mobile phone, webcam, speakers etc.) at a very convenient place.

When the laptop is not in use, the PowErgo shelf can be lifted out of the way. PowErgo is self-supporting, not attached to the table so the table can be cleared at any time. It is compatible with multi-use tables like a dining table.

PowErgo has 2 power sockets and 2 USB charging outlets, all in horizontal position so even oversized power adaptors do not fall out. The upturned (parked) PowErgo can carry the user’s favourite picture, the company logo, inspiring quote etc.

Opus Indigo Pow Ergo

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