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Humanscale patented keyboard systems have effortless height and angle ,tilt adjustment. Unique design promotes negative tilt keying,( keeps wrist in neutral) the keyboard platforms will not go into a positive tilt.


Humanscale keyboard trays are solidly anchored to any work surface, ( Minimum requirement of desk space to 28 " free leg room area with 24" depth and 25 mm desk thickness) and shape to specific user needs. Hypoallergenic gel palm supports offers comfort against  delicate antomical structres of your wrist.


  • Keyboard Trays – 10 Years Warranty
  • Palm Rests & Mouse Pads – 3 Years Warranty


Inclusive of all taxes. We are currently offering free shipping & delivery in pan India as a part of a promotion with no minimum order value. Product installation is done free of cost as part of this purchase. Our technician will visit your location within 3 business days from the delivery of the product.



An articulating  keyboard tray allows to change ordinary desk to instantly comfortable and safer/healthier  upper body posture.  Sitting in neutral shoudler, elbow, wrist , forearm posture promotes better health and reduces chances of chronic musculoskeletal injuties commonnly occuring with awakward reaches, inappropraite elbow and wrist positions.

A well-designed keyboard tray offers protection from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. 


"A decade of ergonomic research shows that using a negative sloped adjustable keyboard tray maximises the time spent working in a neutral hand, wrist and upper body postures. These postural benefits can’t be achieved by just using a keyboard on a height-adjustable work surface."
- Dr. Alan Hedge, Cornell University

Humenscale Keyboard Tray: 6G BIG 500 KEYBOARD TRAY

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