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Monitor Stand  : Elevate your screen to eye level 

Set your computer monitor at an ergonomically correct height and maximize desk space! It raises your monitor to a comfortable viewing height, Built-in Cable Manager, adjustable height of up to 1.5 - 5 inches, Rubber feet protect desk space, nonskid base keeps the stand in place it is  deal for home and office use! Get it today 

Copy of Arise Go Assembled.jpg
Copy of Power Go 1.jpg
Copy of Arise Go with Laptop  document.jpg

Ergonomics Design and Consultation

At Body Dynamics, we can help set guidelines and create designs for workstations, chairs, lighting, and even new office set-ups and layouts. We further offer product design evaluation, including assessment of chairs in the office or in transportation vehicles. In fact, we’ve also worked with manufacturers to get ergonomic compliance of a product design to promote safety and well-being for the end customer.


Start today, so you can thwart pain tomorrow!

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