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Protect your spine from Lower back pain

Lower back pain can result from various wounds, conditions or illnesses — most frequently, a physical issue to muscles or ligaments toward the back.

Agony can go from gentle to extreme. At times, agony can make it troublesome or difficult to walk, rest, work or do regular exercises.

Normally, lower back torment gets better with rest, pain killers and active recuperation (PT). Cortisone infusions and involved medicines (like osteopathic or chiropractic control) can ease agony and help the mending system. A few back wounds and conditions require careful fix.

Office Health & Ergonomics

Empower your employees with the right heath and ergonomic choices. Body Dynamics is here to help you:

Perform onsite or offsite/virtual ergonomic assessments.

With program management across various locations.

Develop enterprise programs to optimise your workforce and employee’s health.

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