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Body Dynamics

"Health in your hands!"

Do you like working from home?

Are you struggling with being productive due to fatigue and discomfort? Approximately 80% of the population that we work with has let us know that after correcting things at work, they realize their home setup is not as comfortable, and causes significant discomfort.

  • Concerned about selecting a good chair for your home?

  • Do you have recurrent musculoskeletal pain that goes away for a while, but comes back later?

  • Not sure if you have the right setup to work in comfort?

  • Is your posture creating health problems? 

  • Do you have some special needs (pregnancy, physical activity limitations, temporary disability) to be able to work comfortably? Or are any work accommodations (accommodate current medical issues and be able to work) required?

Home office setup consult:

Looking to buy a chair?

Looking to buy a home desk?

Not sure what is right for you?

  • Expert guide to home office set up

  • Health promoting working habits

  • Guidance for pain free (physical) work day