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PALO memory foam mouse pad with wrist rest is placed in front of your mouse, by keeping your wrist on it while using a mouse, your hand stays in a neutral position and prevents any awkward wrist angles. By using a soft pad against your wrist you reduce pressure from the desk surface, this relieves the pressure around your wrist and palm. Pressure against your wrist is the leading cause of wrist, hand, and finger discomfort and pain from prolonged use of a mouse! So use a well-designed memory foam mouse pad with wrist rest!

Memory Foam Mousepad with Wrist Rest Palo 0039

  • Product Dimension:- 25 cm (L) X 22.5 cm (W) X 2.4 cm (H)

    • Benefit: Supports the wrist while using the mousepad
    • Color: Black,
    • Material: Memory Foam
    • Fabric covering makes it comfortable for use for long hours
    • Has anti-mite, antibacterial, and anti-allergic properties
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