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Covid 19: Relaxation in Lock down! Are you ready to step out?

As Government is taking call on relaxation and trying to normalize life, each one of us has to understand that Covid-19 hasn’t stopped being infectious just because we’ve socially isolated. Nothing magic happened while we were home.

We are continually going to be looking at lagging data. Today we are seeing the results of early to mid-April. But if you are hearing our curve has flattened, we have to wait to see it. Only in June we will know for May’s experiment’s results.

Stating that it is even more important to follow Covid 19 precautions that when we were in isolation.

Six weeks’ time has given us some habit-forming times, so it should have become a second nature by now to wash hands, to use mask, to maintain social distance. But we have not been stepping out and have not dealt with so much of outside interaction.

So, now with some relaxation, when we go out and have to come back in the house how have we prepared ourselves to enter back in our home?

So just wanted to share some tips of how my colleagues enter into the house after they have come from hospitals after caring for patients or after running an errand

A. For disinfecting feet:

1. Keep a flat vessel/plastic tray outside, filled with dettol water such that they cover till the ankle.

2.Dip just the soles of shoes also in this water if you are planning to use these shoes inside home. Highly recommend to leave your shoes outside the door though. Separate pair for inside house in case you use shoes or slippers inside the house.

3.Now step into the Dettol water tray water and count to 10 and then step out. (or simpler if you have Clorox wipes, wipe your feet. Keep a closed bin to dispose of Clorox wipes properly)

B. Hand Hygiene:

Before you touch any surfaces at home

1. Simple if you have a sanitizer outside your door to clean hand, if not keep a bucket of water, soap and another vessel/container to wash into with a mug and wash hands before entering if someone can pour water then it is contact less. But if no one is available use the side handle of the mug with as less contact as possible. In the end this handle will need cleaning too.

C. Changing Clothes:

1.Head to bathroom closest possible to the entrance. Have a designated area as close to the door as possible to remove clothes. Keep a bucket of water with dettol ready put used clothes in.(It is good idea to keep these set up's ready on a daily basis)

2. Shower/wash up. Put clean clothes.

3. Carry the bag of clothes or bucket with used clothes in dettol to laundry area to wash. Disinfect the handle, your hands again before you operate washing machine. If you are going to hand wash them, use the sink in your bathroom to wash it up.

So, as you can see, it is going to be time consuming to come back home and do all these, plan your day such that you only step out and get everything done once and for all.

To make all above steps ergonomically correct for your self to prevent from using awkward postures:

1. Keep buckets of water at waist height on a counter or use a stool or chair.

2. Wash clothes in standing position at your sink.

3. Hang clothes in standing position on a stand.

4. Think and plan ahead to keep all set up's ready for your safe entry back to your home. You know you owe it to yourself and your loves ones.

Each of us have to act with 100% responsibility to stay safe.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Bharati Jajoo


"Health in your hands!"

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