Onsite/online Pain Management Clinics

Early stage pain management at the workplace!

Areas of expertise:

  • Body Dynamics's team with expertise and  proactiveness takes prevention to the next level. Our highly-trained therapists understand the science of ergonomics which allows them to identify ergonomic risks and foresee future musculoskeletal injury risk.  Understanding this a careful personalised plan is developed in  order to prevent injuries. We excel in optimising work environment and comfort while working.

  • In the event an injury does occur, therapists help the employee manage the pain while remaining productive in their work environment. This helps organisations ensure employees remain healthy, while maintaining productivity.

  • At Body Dynamics, we combine our knowledge and skills to enhance the employees’ wellness in whichever work enviorment they are working.

Online/Onsite pain management clinics:

Our online/onsite clinic setup helps with first aid and engages in the prevention of chronic musculo-skeletal disorders i.e. chronic back, neck, and hand pain. Our expert staff is eager to help alleviate pain and allow the worker to return to a state of high productivity.

  • ​Early discomfort management (Online/Onsite)

  • Therapeutic first aid, tissue release, and taping

  • Musculo-skeletal care and health

    •      Physical pain release techniques

    •      Body mechanic assessments, coaching, and training

    •      Personalised total care plan