Onsite Pain Management Clinics

Early stage pain management at the workplace!

Areas of expertise:

  • Body Dynamics's staff has the capabilities and expertise to take proactiveness and prevention to the next level. Our highly-trained therapists understand the science of ergonomics which allows them to identify risks onsite. We then formulate a personalised plan in order to prevent further injuries. In the event an injury does occur, therapists help the employee manage the pain while remaining productive in the workplace. This helps organisations ensure employees remain healthy, while maintaining productivity in the workplace.

  • At Body Dynamics, we combine our knowledge and skills to enhance the employees’ wellness in the workplace.

Onsite pain management clinics:

Our onsite clinic setup helps with first aid and engages in the prevention of chronic musculo-skeletal disorders i.e. chronic back, neck, and hand pain. Our onsite expert staff is eager to help alleviate pain and allow the worker to return to a state of high productivity.

  • ​Early discomfort management (onsite & remote)

  • Therapeutic first aid, tissue release, and taping

  • Musculo-skeletal care and health

    •      Physical pain release techniques

    •      Body mechanic assessments, coaching, and training

    •      Group/onsite and individual health education