Office Ergonomics:

Prevent Workplace Injury

We aim to prevent fatigue from developing into injury and to address its root causes

Comprehensive Office Ergonomic Programs:

  • Setting up of the complete ergonomic process: symptom survey, risk analysis, ergonomics training, prevention, early management and finally, corrective action. 

  • Complete solutions for workplace health and safety

Work Station Evaluation:

  •  In person:Asses employee's workstation, work habits, posture, workflow and movement patterns to asses potential  present and future risk.

  • Online/virtual workstation evaluation: Provide  assessments  irrespective of  geography. This  enables the employee to gain control of exposed ergonomic risks, and gain comfort, prevent injuries  for long working hours. 

Onsite pain clinic :

  • Early discomfort management protocols based on OSHA guidelines

  • Identification of root causes

  • Early pain management program

  • Education in prevention of re-injury

  • Recovery  guidelines

Chair Clinic:

  • Are you getting most out of your investment in chair?

  • Do Users know how to use it best?

  • Is the chair’s comfort maximized for user of chair?

  • How can we get the most out of our current chairs?

  • All these and more questions are covered in the chair clinic.