Industrial Ergonomics

Industrial Ergonomics Reduce The Risk Of Injury In Bangalore, India 

Whether your team is working in a factory or the floor of a large showroom, it’s important that they are working in safe, ergonomic conditions. Poor industrial ergonomics can lead to injuries from strain. For example, if employee has to pick up boxes from floor and put it away at an overhead location through out the day, this employee will be at high risk to develop back, neck pain. Injury may or may not happen right away but with same tasks, injury risk is increasing.


Using ergonomic methodology one can do systematic screening and review to understand risk and then find right solutions to modify the same. Employee training, practical remedial solutions, can a long way to keep industrial employee healthy and productive.

At Body Dynamics, we’re prepared to help you understand ergonomics safety in the workplace. We can review your work conditions and identify possible ergonomic hazards and provide solutions.

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