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Covid 19- India lock down...

Work from home: Health and well being work from home scenario: Webinar/An online awareness session.

It is lock down, but work is happening and is important to stay healthy and productive..

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Body Dynamics

Health in your Hands!

Body Dynamics uses evidence based practices in science and technology from the fields of employee health, ergonomics, physical medicine, neuroscience, and organisational design. Our goal is to address and prevent injuries at workplaces, help injured employee get back to work and reduce the individual, organisational, and societal costs of musculoskeletal disorders. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.

Possible Corporate Scenario

Do you or your colleagues experience any of the following?

  • Do your employees take time off because of back, neck pain?

  • Do your employees need to go offsite for medical treatments?

  • Do you get requests to change furniture?

  • Are you looking for new office set up? Did you think about ergonomics while designing office space?

  • Are your employees aware of safe work practices?

  • Are your employees adjusting  their work environment to their needs?

  • Are you puzzled by which chairs to buy?

  • Are you not  sure whether to purchase sitting or standing work stations??

Onsite/Online Consult Available 

We Can Help

Do your employees complain of discomfort while working?

Did you think about ergonomics at design stages?

Are you looking for new office set up? 


Are your employees aware of safe work practices?

Do you work constantly have pain in sitting or standing?

Do you have discomfort that is not going away?

Are you concerned if work set up is correct?

Do you have concerns that need special solutions for working?

Possible Individual Scenario

Do you experience any of the following?


  • Do you have any physical  discomfort that is not going away?

  • Do you  constantly work only while sitting or only while standing

  • Do you feel pain interfering with work/life activities?

  • Did you feel better for a while after receiving treatment only to have the pain come back later??

  • Are you concerned if your work set up is correct?

  • Are you that you will not be able to work due to pain?

  • Do you  have medical concerns that needs special solutions while at work such as pregnancy, medical disability?

Online consult available

We Can Help

Body Dynamics Can Help

We are a Bangalore-based organisation with the capability of providing ergonomics prevention and early intervention services to any part of India. Our goal is to work with all stakeholders/team members to focus on the betterment of comfort, health, safety and productivity for the working population.

We combine evidence-based practises and ergonomics training, with a keen understanding of human factors such as  social, cognitive, anthropometric dimensions and behavioural factors. Our goal is to get the desired result of comfort, health and safety.

We strive to educate and advise on long-lasting changes at the grassroots level. "Your health in your hand" is our motto. So, we believe that each one has a part to play in the journey of working together to eliminate the chronic pain and suffering experienced in everyday life.

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Do you have concerns that need special solutions for working?

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Do you or your employees desire comfort, health, prevent aches and pain while working?

Body Dynamics's ergonomics and injury prevention program can help!  Message us today.