Health Awareness Programs

Right information better prevention!

All are classroom sessions with 60-75 min. duration.
Group: 35-40 participants

Ergonomics training/Ergonomics for office workers

  • An experiential session where employees get information about:

  • Ergonomic risk factors 

  • Results of risk factors 

  • Understanding safe work practices

  • Safe work setup

  • Postural awareness

  • Practicing purposeful movements to reduce strain, fatigue and eventually prevent or minimize pain

Ergonomics for manual material handling: 

  • Ergonomic risk factors with manual material handling (e.g. lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing and pulling) 

  • Consequences of ergonomic risk factors

  • Safe work practices

  • Demonstration of right techniques and mechanics

Back safety/Protect your back 101: 

  • Understanding of Spine

  • Causes of injuries

  • Safe practices for daily life and work activities

  • Back safety techniques demonstration

  • How do I keep the spine healthy?

Musculoskeletal injuries and management: 

  • Musculo-skeletal system review

  • Impacts on Musculo-skeletal system from daily life (work, home),

  • Types of injuries

  • Early identification and management for injuries

  • Work methods/recovery

  • Prevention of re-injury

4 Pillars of Wellness at work place:

  • Wellness more than absence of disease

  • Awareness of wellness paradigm

  • Easy to do practices in all 4 spheres

  • How to make Wellness part of everyday life

Body Awareness: 

  • Basic functioning of human body

  • Breath 

  • Emotions

  • Body's response to external factors and it's effect on work productivity

  • Fatigue and how to overcome

  • Develop own care program for reduced fatigue, aches and pains