Foot Rest

Create a Safer Work Environment With an Ergonomic Consultant

If you want to find an ergonomic consultant Bangalore India, then you need to reach out to us at Body Dynamics. At Body Dynamics, we can help you by providing an online or virtual workstation evaluation, an in-person assessment or other services. We have comprehensive office ergonomic programs to help set up complete solutions for workplace health and safety. We can help with education to prevent re-injury, teach you more about the recovery guidelines and support you as you identify the root causes leading to injury in your workplace.


Even something as simple as a foot rest can make huge difference in employee productivity due to ergonomic efficiency. Let us help you determine if your office furniture is helping or hurting your bottom line. Call us today at Body Dynamics at 997-259-5990. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you provide a safer work environment for your employees. We also have an online chat if you’re looking for immediate support.