Ergonomics Design and Consultation

Prevention through design:  At the design stages considering human factor helps with better man-machine interaction. Identifying and preventing  risk factors  at early stage will maximize efficiency, reduce fatigue,  improve profitability!

Ergonomic facility/workplace design consultation:

Prevents wasting money in retrofitting later! Whether a reconfiguration, tenant improvement or a new construction:

  •  Collaborate with architect, design team, and furniture vendors

  •  Incorporating custom, expert-based ergonomics (not ergonomic labels) based on evidence based practices 

  •  Creating  safer, more productive, and more sustainable work areas 

Ergonomic consultation for office product purchasing:

  • Chairs, work stations so many options?

  • Understanding user demands and needs

  • Converting this understanding to required product specifications

  • Scientific and systematic approach towards product procurement  

Ergonomic consultation for policy and procedure:

  • Striking a balance for right approach between health concerns, organization's vision, culture. 

Ergonomic review (high-level technical):

  • Asses current state of office furniture and lighting designs: Identify health hazards and providing road map to corrective actions