Work From Home -  Quick Consult

Working from home? Feel discomfort/pain?

Wondering if your home office set up is optimal for your prolonged working hours?

Do you feel pain in your back, neck, shoulder, hand etc. which is not going away?

Are you looking at home office enhancements?

Body Dynamics Can Help!

Our Consultation includes:

  • Overview of current work set up from ergonomics point of view

  • Pain/discomfort history

  • Posture assessment 

  • Work habit assessment

  • Movement assessment

Our Personalized Plan Includes: 

  • Optimizing current home set up

  • Reviewing low cost home based solutions to optimize comfort as well as ergonomic product recommendations

  • Advise for discomfort reduction strategies including personalized plan based on your current ergonomic risk and predicting future risk of musculoskeletal discomfort.