NEW Virtual Health Awareness Programs

Online/Onsite right information = better prevention!



Work in comfort at home: WEBINAR

An experiential session where employees get information about:

  • How to function when everyday is a work day

  • Ergo set-up essentials at home

  • Using low cost solutions to get comfortable 

  • Productivity strategies

  • Stretches and exercises

  • Benefit: Current work from home scenario, sure shot way of knowing what is needed to work safe at home and practical application to be comfortable while working

Industrial Ergonomics: WEBINAR

  • Ergonomic risk factors with manual material handling (e.g. lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing and pulling) 

  • Consequences of ergonomic risk factors

  • Safe work practices

  • Demonstration of right techniques and mechanic

  • No geographical limitations, now expert help available at any location 

  • Benefit: Manual material handling tasks leads to risk of cumulative trauma, days away from work. Easily preventable with right techniques and mechanics

Back safety/Protect your back 101: WEBINAR

  • Understanding of Spine

  • Causes of injuries

  • Safe practices for daily life and work activities

  • Back safety techniques demonstration

  • How do I keep the spine healthy?​

  • Benefit: 1 in 3 people will get back pain in some or other time in life and most of it is from common sources of work activities or daily living tasks, get empowered to protect your spinal health 


Musculoskeletal injuries and management: 

  • Musculoskeletal system review

  • Impacts on musculoskeletal system from daily life (work, home),

  • Types of injuries

  • Early identification and management for injuries

  • Work methods/recovery

  • Prevention of re-injury

  • Benefit: Understanding how musculoskeletal system work and impact of daily activities that contribute to discomfort and injury and how to change it.

Pillars of Wellness at work place: WEBINAR

  • Wellness more than absence of disease

  • Awareness of wellness paradigm

  • Easy to do practice actions in all 4 spheres of wellness

  • How to make Wellness part of everyday life

  • Benefit:  Easy to apply action in every pillar for holistic health 

Body Awareness: WEBINAR

  • Basic functioning of human body

  • Breath 

  • Emotions

  • Body's response to external factors and it's effect on work productivity

  • Fatigue and how to overcome

  • Develop own care program for reduced fatigue, aches and pains

  • Benefit: Self awareness of our body and how to care, experiential learning that will change your well being