Office Ergonomics:

Prevent Musculoskeletal Injury At Workplace 

Aim: Prevent fatigue from developing into injury and address its root causes

NEW Comprehensive Online/Onsite Office Ergonomic Programs 

  • Are your employees complaining of discomfort, fatigue and pain?

  • Is employee discomfort taking a toll on productivity?

  • Is lack of ergonomics awareness causing long term health complications?

  • Ergonomic training done for employees, but still no satisfactory resolution to discomfort?

  • Back, neck, muscle and joint conditions are one of the most common reasons why employees need time off work, or are unable to fulfil their duties to the best of their abilities. Discomfort and pain can cause mental as well as physical distress.

In current times, organisations and employees have to adapt to the ever changing work environments. Whether your organisation embraces the concept of work-anywhere programs or actively promotes telecommuting, virtual evaluations ensure that your employees can get the ergonomic assistance, information and training that are very vital for their energetic feeling, comfort, health, wellness & productivity.

you will see, best practice does not involve significant expense or workplace reorganisation. It is about taking small steps, and working together, to bring about positive change, to the benefit of all.

Be it program development & administration or complete solutions/one stop  corporate ergonomic programs to support your employees in whichever work environment they need to work, we have got every aspect of office ergonomics covered for your employee's health and well-being Online/On-site.


We have highly scalable solutions for large organisations. Our on-line solutions will arm you with strategies and tools to help you successfully manage your program. So stay ahead of the curve and let us know how we can best serve you!

Ergonomic Awareness/Training For Computer Users:

An awareness session in class/in person/virtual. Awareness is first step towards self care

  • Safe work setup 

  • Posture

  • Movements 

  • Early identification

  • Self help

  • Demo

Injury Risk Analysis:

If you don't have any data, we can help in getting a realistic current sceanrio with 

  • Symptom survey

  • Symptoms analysis

  • Symptom categorization 

  • Data driven choices for right focus for workplace health programs

Early Intervention:

Being proactive and preventive is the key to health of organization and business productivity

  • An early intervention program based on OSHA guidelines to address discomfort and pain.

  • Prevention of chronic pain and resultant disability 

  • Getting injured person back to work 



  • A full analysis of work station/working position/posture

  • A personalized action plan

  • Customized stretching routines pertaining to ergonomic risk 

  • Behavioral and other relevant recommendations


Virtual Ergonomic Program management app:

"My Body My Work"

Leveraging technology is vital when it comes to scaling your ergonomic program with emphasis on self care for individual well-being along with ergonomics support from organisation.

Introducing the "My Body, My Work" customized Ergonomics Management Software application/portal.

This application is available only  for  corporate ergonomic program with Body Dynamics for managing their employees' ergonomic needs at organizational level.

"My body My Work" allows you to fully customize your ergonomic  programs via self help tools, virtual evaluations, reports and best of all data collected helps to determine trends and patterns.

Imagine being empowered with information which helps you determine the best course of action for your organisation and the most appropriate responses to the needs of your employees! Click Here to get a glimpse in to the My Body My Work application portal.

Additional services to scale up program:

  • Online self assessments

  • Webinars

  • Employee well-being surveys 

  • Standardized ergonomic program elements

  • Program development & administration

Onsite /Online pain clinic :

  • Early discomfort management protocols based on OSHA guidelines

  • Identification of root causes all in contact less environment

  • Early pain management program virtually anywhere

  • Education in prevention of re-injury

  • Recovery  guidelines