Online Ergonomics For School Children 

Online Home Schooling Ergonomic Assessments!

Your child at risk for aches and pain?

With children homeschooling due to COVID-19, children are spending more time on the computer, tablets and phones to get their work done. Most children do not realize that they have back ache or neck pain until much later where symptoms are advanced. So it is prudent to keep an eye if they are have silent symptoms like repeatedly  rubbing hand or elbows or trying to do jerky movements to get rid of pain.

We can help to maximize comfort of existing set up, navigating shared work spaces, guidance for right furniture (right size of desk, chairs etc), most of all reiterating importance of good posture, need for movement, breaks and developing life long healthy work habits. 


Online Home School Ergonomic risk assessment:

  • Assess current study area

  • Sitting, standing posture

  • Lighting

  • Desk and chair size

  • Laptop/PC/Tablet usage

  • Keyboard and mouse

  • Headset

  • Level of physical mobility

Advantage of sound ergonomics for home school:

  • Be able to pay attention without aches and pain 

  • Be able to concentrate

  • Be productive

  • Be less tired

  • Avoid any aches and pains now and in the future

  • Life long good posture habits