Online Ergonomics Consultation

Right  work  setup at home, right movement,
right posture = better productivity!

Online office ergonomics evaluation:

  • Assess work set up

  • Working position

  • Posture

  • Work habits

  • Solutions for safe working practices 

Home office set up consult: 

Looking to buy chair? Looking to buy home desk? Not sure what is right?

  • Right work setup

  • Right posture

  • Right movement 

Ergonomics Setup for Children:

Ergonomics setup for children's desk, play station, video games. Prevent serious RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) in children.

The next generation of children is starting to engage in repetitive movements earlier in life due to their high usage of laptops and phones. There have already been many serious instances, where these habits have caused repetitive strain injuries in children leading to severe back, neck and arm pain. Prevent these today by implementing an ergonomic setup to promote healthy posture and habits.