Health/Ergo Safety Events Onsite/Online

Dedicated workplace/home health and well-being activities 

Employee health is a concern of every organisation. To built relevant themes around health and safety themes we have many options. Whether employee works from home or at workplace. Healthy, happy employees boost organization's productivity and bottom line profits.

1. Work from home: scenario: An online/virtual Ergonomic Awareness session​: Work in comfort at home office!

  • How to function when everyday is a work day

  • Ergo Set-Up Essentials at home

  • Using household Items to get comfortable

  • Productivity strategies

  • Stretches and exercises


2. Ergo-day online/onsite:

  • Focused day to educate create awareness about safe work practices 

  • Web based  awareness session 

  • Experiential learning about posture: Participants will have the opportunity to experience a variety of  postures and apply in their day

  • ​Learning purposeful movements around work day


3. MSD (Musculoskeletal disorders) Online/Virtual clinics:Quick MSD screening:

  • To asses severity of discomfort

  • Provide  relevant corrective modifications

  • Early pain management solution​​s


4. Small Changes Big Difference: A virtual session 

  • Comfort Vs. Discomfort awareness: Consequences 

  • Self help: What can you do for your self 

  • Improve: your posture, position, alignment 

5. Learn, Fun and Earn:  

  • A virtual program to learn about posture

  • Have fun solving riddles, quizzes,

  • puzzles about it and earn good, practical knowledge about your body, posture, breath.

  • Experience the change in a fun way and earn good health