Corporate Services

Are you responsible for employee health, safety, creating infrastructure, purchasing, training at your organization?

Are you in search of experienced, qualified and trustworthy resources for employee health?

Would you like to:

  • Resolve employee concerns about work place health?

  • Build sustainable long lasting in house ergonomic/wellbeing programs?

  • Help employees to feel comfortable while working?

  • Help to procure the right office infrastructure (chair, work station, lighting, health promoting products)?

  • Meet OSHA/ISO certification guidelines for workplace health?

  • Proactively create employee health awareness?

  • Or simply have fun filled employee health awareness programs?

Meeting your goal is our passion. Here's how Body Dynamics can help you accomplish that:

  • Asses and understand your/organization's goals and needs

  • Develop, implement and execute customised online/onsite comprehensive ergonomic/wellbeing programs compliant with ISO and OSHA requirements

We have time-tested, evidenced based practical solutions for all your goals of a happy, healthy, focused and productive workforce at your organization.

Discover how we can help. Click here to fill out a quick survey with your requirements and we can get back to you with a customized plan.

Onsite/Online/Remote comprehensive ergonomic services for organizations that support employee health. We provide time-tested and proven comprehensive solutions with complete management support irrespective of the size of the organization.

A customized Webinar that educates participants on basic office ergonomics, interactive exercises, advice on creative solutions  for common discomforts, self helps sustainable ergonomics advice and latest research on how the environment impacts our work performance wrapped up with Q &A with the ergonomic specialist.

BodyDynamics "My Body My Work" office Ergonomic management portal:EMS portal helps to scale up corporate ergonomic program. Portal provides employee educational resources, self help guidance as well as expert professional help for 1 on 1 work station evaluation.


A set of interactive, experiential and lively webinars/workshops (Customizable to suit your organization's needs) that includes the following aspects:

  • 4 pillars of wellbeing, take charge of your health: easy to apply actions in daily living in all pillars of wellbeing

  • Back safety 101: Get empowered to protect your spinal health

  • Posture Awareness : Feel better, look better, move better and breathe better

  • Posture workshop: Strategies to improve posture, exercises, aides for postural corrections

  • Living with back pain: strategies to manage daily life with chronic pain

  • Fit to sit: Basic of sitting and how to stay fit to sit prolonged hours

  • Digital Detox (Less stress, more balance)

  • Work smarter, not harder (Industrial Ergonomics)

We partner with workplaces of all kinds (from industrial to office, lab and healthcare facilities) to provide cost-effective solutions that are customized to the individual work environment and job demands. We offer a complete package of solutions tailored to the needs of your organization which includes:

  • Ergonomic risk assessments

  • Job demands analysis

  • Ergonomics and body mechanics training programs

  • Pre-Shift warm-up programs

  • Customized train-the-trainer Programs

  • Scheduled onsite therapy and ergonomic services

True value of ergonomics at design stages is that we, as ergonomist, work as team member of design team to set guidelines for work station,chairs, lighting and much required break out areas for new office set up. 

Our product design evaluation of sitting products from chair to transport vehicles have benefitted many manufacturing units  as well as health needs of end customers! We work with manufacturer's to get ergonomic compliance of a product design to promote safety and wellbeing for the end customer.